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  • Only Journal of its kind
  • Contains Latest Acts, Rules and Notifications
  • Informative Articles on Environmental, Forest & Mining Laws
  • Cases relating to Environmental, Forest & Mining Laws in one convenient location

We are one of the oldest & among the most reputed publishers of law books and journals in India & have been serving the legal fraternity since the year 1928. We are also amongst the largest publishers of legal journals publishing 8 legal journals in two languages. Our books & journals are widely subscribed by all dealing with labour & service laws & other legal matters throughout the country and find a prominent place in the libraries of Judges, leading advocates, leading companies & law institutions. Our Commentaries & Digests on Labour & Allied Laws have been widely acclaimed by both the Bench & the Bar as well as the Corporate world. Our monthly & fortnightly journals with nation wide & statewide circulation are also greatly patronised by all dealing with Labour, Civil, Criminal & Revenue Laws. Our latest monthly bound journal, All India Cases started in 2003, has been highly acclaimed, appreciated & is being widely subscribed as a reference work by a large number of Judges, Lawyers and Law Libraries in the country.


“I have been receiving copies of All India Cases, a monthly bound Journal published by the Law Publishing House with topical index and important law points. This complete Journal covers all judgments of the High Courts and of the Apex Courts. The head notes are apt and helpful for understanding the ratio. I found its printing of high standard. This Journal will be of great help to the Bar and the Bench. I wish good luck and success to the Publishers of this Journal.”

Justice V.N. Khare , Chief Justice of India

“I have been receiving copies of All India Cases published by the Law Publishing House. In my long stint as a lawyer and Judge, I have come across very few Journals which provide its reader with different methods to reach the required case law. All India Cases is one of the few Journals which has the added advantage of clear printing and promptitude of reporting. The combination makes it unique. I am sure that this Journal, in the days to come, would become indispensable for any library, student and practitioner of law. My wishes for its smooth sailing are always with the publishers.”

Justice K.N. Singh, Former Chief Justice of India

“I am thankful to you for sending All India Cases. I find lot of decisions of Apex Court covering the field of law, I appreciate your efforts in the legal field in bringing All India Cases. I have recommended these books for our library."

Justice Rajesh Tandon, Uttaranchal, High Court

Apart from the above two national journals, we also publish 3 state wise journals, Allahabad Law Reports, Allahabad Criminal Cases and Revenue Decisions reporting Civil, Criminal and Revenue Law cases respectively from the Board of Revenue, Allahabad High Court and the Supreme Court of India. Revenue Decisions and Allahabad Criminal Cases are also published in Hindi wherein only selected important cases are reported in Hindi. Apart from the above there is a wide range of books and digests that we publish which have nation wide circulation and range from topics such as bail, transfer, revenue and a wide variety of labour Laws.

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Indian Factories & Labour Rep

All India Cases

Revenue Decision

Allahabad Criminal Cases

Allahabad Law Report

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