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Given below is the list of Acts and Notifications reported in Volume 1 (2011) of Environmental and Forest Law Times. The full contents of the same are reported in the volume which is available in the market. For price details and to place orders please contact:

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1.                 National Green Tribunal Act, 2010  1
2.                  E-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2010                                  17
3.                  Excerpts from the Budget Speech of the Union  Finance Minister, concerning the Environment and                          Mining Sector                                 49
4.                 Coastal Regulation Zone Notification                                  51
5.                 National Green Tribunal (Manner and  Appointment of Judicial and Expert  Members, Salaries, Allowances                 and other Terms and Conditions of Service of Chairperson and other Members and Procedure for Inquiry)                         Rules, 2010                                  86
6.                 National Green Tribunal (Removal of Difficulties) Order, 2010                                  95
7.                 Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2010                                  97
8.                 Energy Conservation (Amendment) Act, 2010.                                  98
9.                 Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011                                  104
10.                 Wet Lands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010                                  116
11.                 Environment (Protection) (Fifth Amendment) Rules,2010                                  124
12.                 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Amendment Rules, 2010                                  127
13.                 Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Fourth Amendment Rules,                             2010                                  128
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